Coverage Specific to the Farm Industry.

The Flexibility You Want, the Coverage You Need.

We understand that a standard one-size-fits-all policy simply doesn't fit everyone. Your business is unique, and your insurance coverage should be unique to your needs.

Farm Family's SFP 10® goes beyond traditional farm coverage, providing a flexible farm package. It allows you to customize your policy more precisely, to match your individual needs.

Depending on the coverage desired, you may customize your policy by choosing among five divisions and a variety of options within those divisions. SFP 10® combines similar perils (causes of loss, such as windstorm, fire, theft, etc.) into groups, to achieve the combination of coverage that is right for you.

Tailored protection helps ensure you're getting exactly what you want - and that you're not paying extra for coverage you don't want.

Peril Group 1
Fire, Lightning

Peril Group 2 
Windstorm, Hail, Riot, Explosion, Aircraft, Vehicles, Smoke (Includes coverage of Peril Group 1)

Peril Group 3
Vandalism and Malicious Mischief (Includes coverage of Peril Groups 1 & 2)

Peril Group 4
Theft, Collision, Glass Breakage, Upset or Overturn of a Vehicle (Includes coverage of Peril Groups 1 - 3)

Peril Group 5
Weight of Ice, Snow or Sleet, Collapse, Freezing of Plumbing, Falling Objects (Includes coverage of Peril Groups 1 - 4)

Peril Group 6
Residences and Buildings - All risks of direct physical loss or damage (subject to exclusions)

Peril Group 7
Household and Building Contents - All risks of direct physical loss or damage (subject to exclusions)

Peril Group 8
Scheduled Personal Property - All risks of direct physical loss or damage (subject to exclusions)

Peril Group 9
Livestock - Electrocution, Accidental Shooting, Drowning and Miring, Attack by Dogs or Wild Animals, Earthquake, Flood, Accidental Dispersal of Toxic Substances, Loading and Unloading (Includes most coverage of Peril Groups 1 - 5)

Peril Group 10
Farm Machinery - All risks of direct physical loss or damage (subject to exclusions)

We Understand Your Needs.

We understand that your home and business concerns are often one and the same. Special Farm Package 10® (SFP 10®) combines personal, farm, business property and liability coverage all under one policy, to simplify your insurance protection. You get the convenience of having multiple types of coverage under one simple policy.

We understand that farming operations of varying size and scope, from the largest nurseries to the smallest wineries, have very different needs. We serve the more common types of farming (dairy, horse, beef, poultry produce), along with the more unusual (llamas, ostriches, aquaculture operation).

We understand the farming community. SFP 10® was designed specifically to serve the needs of agribusinesses. Our knowledge of agriculture allows us to recommend coverage for farms of all types and sizes.

Division 1

Residences and Household Contents

Covers: Dwellings; Mobile homes; Household contents; Loss of use; Debris removal; Trees, shrubs, plants, lawns; Refrigerated products; Outdoor radio, satellite and TV equipment; Motorized vehicles; Computer hardware and software; Credit card theft; Increased cost of ordinance or law; Fences; Fire department service; and more.

Options Available: Replacement cost on residence and contents; Inflation guard; Builders risk; Excess business property contents; Earthquake; Water Damage - Backup of sewers, drains and sumps; and more.

Division 2

Buildings and Building Contents

Covers: Barns; Silos; Sheds; Potato houses; Poultry houses; Greenhouses; Poultry; Controlled atmosphere storage; Permanent equipment in buildings; Refrigerated products; and more.

Options Available: Replacement cost on buildings and contents; Consequential loss; Tenant improvements and betterment; Operations records; Extra expense; Builders risk; Suffocation or smothering of poultry; Growing crops in greenhouses; Increased loss to refrigerated products; Ordinance or law; Farming income loss; Dairy income loss; Equipment breakdown; and more.

Division 3

Farm Personal Property

Covers: Livestock; Farm machinery; Farm products, supplies and tools; Borrowed farm machinery; Limited pollutant clean-up and removal; Property in the custody of common or contract carrier; and more.

Options Available: Farm machinery used for hire; Rental reimbursement; Property Average Coverage; Excess property away from premises; Special silo un-loader coverage; Borrowed or rented farm machinery; Periodic increase in limits; Suffocation of livestock; and more.

Division 4

Scheduled Personal Property

Covers: All-risk coverage for valuables that you choose to insure.
*subject to exclusions.

Options Available: Jewelry; Furs; Coins; Stamps; Fine arts; Silverware; Musical instruments; Cameras; Golf equipment; Bicycles; Signs; Guns; All-terrain vehicles; Watercraft; Snowmobiles.

Division 5


Covers: Medical expenses; First aid; Cost of defense; Bodily injury and property damage liability; Farm chemical transportation coverage; Fire legal liability; and more.

Options Available: Harvest-your-own; Personal injury; Limited custom farming; Farm employee coverage; Livestock boarding; Named insured medical expenses; Watercraft; Care, custody and control of livestock; Home day care coverage; and more.

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