Contractors have different challenges than a retail store. You need someone who understands.

The contracting world has its own set of insurance needs. Today, proper insurance is so much more than just General Liability Insurance.

Property Protection

Contractor’s policies can include coverage for your buildings owned or leased, permanently installed equipment, outdoor fixtures and business personal property.

Coverages included:

o   Accounts Receivable

o   Money and Securities

o   Forgery or Alterations

o   Debris Removal

o   Outdoor Property, including signs

o   Newly Acquired Property

o   Property in Transit or Temporarily Off Premises

o   Valuable Papers and Records (cost of research), including electronic or magnetic media

o   Property of Others while in your care, custody or control

Liability Protection

Liability coverage is valuable protection in the event you are liable in a negligent act in association with your business. This important protection is an automatic feature and is available in various limits to accommodate your needs.

Other coverage:

o   Premises and Operations

o   Hired & Non-owned Auto (available in most states)

o   Products/Completed Operations

o   Personal Injury

o   Advertising Injury

o   Fire Legal Liability

o   Medical Expense

Tools and Equipment
Can increase coverage up to $100,000 on blanket basis or schedule some or all items.

Loss of Income

 If your business is interrupted by an insured peril, Loss of income benefit can make sure you have the income to continue while recovering from the loss. It could also pay for certain extra expenses needed to resume normal business operations

Special Features


o   Replacement Cost Coverage. Pays the cost of replacing your buildings or business personal property with materials of like kind and quality at current prices. Coverage on an actual cash value basis is optional

o   Equipment Breakdown Coverage. Covers physical and financial damage from an insured equipment failure. Coverage for many types of equipment including: electrical distribution systems, HVAC, telephone and electronic systems and equipment.

o   Deductible Options. Allows you to choose higher deductibles for additional savings.

o   Automatic Increase in Insurance. Prevents inflation from devaluing your insurance protection by automatically increasing the amount of coverage on your buildings each year. A choice of percentages is available on an optional basis.

o   Peak Season Coverage. Increases your limit for business personal property automatically - a valuable feature if your inventory fluctuates seasonally.


Optional Coverages

Depending on your business needs, you may need to include some of the following coverages:

o   Hired and Non-owned Auto

o   Utility Services - Direct Damage

o   Employee Dishonesty

o   Employee Benefits Liability

o   Mechanical Breakdown

o   Outdoor Signs in higher limits

o   Accounts Receivable in higher limits

o   Valuable Papers & Records in higher limits

o   Earthquake

o   Spoilage Coverage

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