Protection for your Family and Business during the most challenging times in life. 

Personal Life Insurance:

You and your Spouse have worked hard. You have a beautiful family, a house with a picket fence, a great job, a fun car in the garage and a thriving small business. You have debt but you manage your finances well and you have a plan.

          o   Why do I need life insurance?

          o   How much coverage do I need?

          o   What kind of life insurance do you need?

          o   What Benefit riders do we need?

          o   Supplemental retirement income*

 These are all questions that you need a professional to help you answer. Life insurance can be a tough discussion, you need an advisor that is going to help you. An advisor that has your best interest in mind and will not push you in a direction that benefits them. That is where Hometown Insurance Agency comes in. We do not have a weekly quota, we do not weigh one product over another. It is about you!

We will help you put a plan together that meets your needs and financial plans. Most Importantly, we have solutions that fit in your budget. A plan is worthless if you cannot afford it.

*Index Universal Life plans may provide an additional source of income during your retirement years. Strategic planning and over funding can help supplement your income. These ARE NOT retirement plans.


Business Life Insurance:

          o   Buy-Sell Funding

          o   Business Continuation funding

          o   Key man Insurance

          o   Group benefits policies

          o   Executive Bonus programs

          o   Deferred Comp plan

When you have a business or business interest, you carry additional responsibility to the people who work with you and for you. If something happens to you, everyone around you is affected.

 Let the professionals at Hometown Insurance Agency help you protect you, your family and business! Contact us today!