The Rewards Are Yours With an Excellent Claims-Free Record.

Our CA$HBACK FROM ANPAC® program rewards you by refunding a portion of your combined auto and homeowner premiums. Simply remain CLAIM-FREE for three consecutive years from your CA$HBACKanniversary date, on both your auto and homeowner policies, and you'll receive a check for 25% of your combined FIRST-YEAR PREMIUMS!ow the program worksFor the purpose of illustration only. Actual premiums will vary.

*Homeowner premiums used to calculate a CA$HBACK reward do not include earthquake, equipment breakdown, and Secure I.D. FROM ANPACSM endorsement premiums.

How Can We Refund 25% of your Premiums?

It costs us more to write "new" business than to keep a good policyholder like you. Therefore, the longer we keep you as a satisfied customer, the better for our company…and for you. We spend less and so do you!

The Key Is To Be Safety Conscious

And, as long as you stay claim-free, you continue to save by being an ANPAC® policyholder. 

Because you're part of a very conscientious group of people who take pride in their property, drive defensively, and recognize the importance of keeping claim costs down, you allow us to keep your premiums down.

Cashback from Anpac Chart

Add all these factors together, and it's easy to see how we can afford to pay you for being a good policyholder. The CA$HBACK FROM ANPAC® program is our way of giving good policyholders the premium break you deserve.

HOWEVER, if you should have a loss, rest assured that ANPAC® will be there when you need us! In fact, the majority of our customers rate our claims service as excellent - the highest category! 

Easy Pay - The Checkless Way

Paying your insurance premiums is easier than ever using our Easy Pay - The Checkless Way® option. By authorizing us to withdraw your insurance payment each month from your checking or savingsaccount, you no longer need to worry about writing checks or mailing your payment on time. Approximately 15 days prior to the first withdrawal (30 days in Texas) and anytime your withdrawal amount changes, we'llsend you a statement showing the amount of your withdrawal by policy. 

Easy Pay Advantages:

  • Convenience
    No checks to write or mail
  • Savings
    You save money in postage and check costs PLUS we don't charge a service fee on your monthly renewals.
  • Budgeting
    Many customers prefer budgeting for insurance each month rather than paying a 6 or 12 month premium in full.
  • Peace of Mind
    You know your insurance is paid on time. You don't have to remember to send in your payment - it is automatically withdrawn.

GAP Coverage

There's a gap in your vehicle insurance that could cost you thousands.


What causes the gap?

This is a relatively new phenomenon. It is actually caused by fierce competition. With more offers of low- or no-down payments when buying or leasing a vehicle, you have little or no initial equity in the vehicle. After the vehicle is purchased, the value decreases substantially. Unfortunately, the vehicle's value may be less than what you owe on your loan. Hence the "gap."


Surprise. Auto insurance doesn't pay it all.

You are liable for this "gap" in your coverage -- a gap that could cost you thousands of dollars. Most people worry about getting a scratch on their new car. Imagine how you'd feel if all of a sudden your pride and joy - your brand new car - was a total wreck, and you had to pay $10,000 out of your own pocket - over and above what your insurance pays. How would you feel? Think about it. Then think about this.


Who pays the difference? You do.

The question is not can you afford GAP insurance, but can you afford not to have GAP insurance?


What do you have to lose?

Should you decide to "gamble" with your vehicle, you may remove the "GAP" endorsement at any time. You will only be charged for the time the GAP endorsement is on your policy.

Limit of liability for GAP coverage shall not exceed $10,000.00.


Don't put it off. Ask for a GAP application now. It's a very small price to pay for this much peace of mind.

Common Cause of Loss Deductible

ANPAC has an uncommon way for you to save money.

With an uncommon insurance company like ANPAC®, you can depend on our unique Common Cause of Loss Deductible that saves each of our customers hundreds of dollars in deductibles from a common occurrence, such as a fire, hailstorm, tornado or hurricane. With this unique money-saving feature, you pay only one deductible per occurrence regardless of the number of items of property damaged or destroyed.

In addition to our Common Cause of Loss Deductible feature, ANPAC® is also proud of our quick claim response and the time our adjusters take to explain to each customer the claims process. In fact, the majority of our customers rate our claims service as excellent!

Common Cause of Loss Deductible is currently available in all states EXCEPT Florida, Louisiana, Mississippi, Texas and Virginia.