What would you do if a legal judgment against you was greater than your primary insurance limits?


 Imagine this, you have just had one of the best days of your life. You received a huge promotion at work, your wife just paid the last mortgage payment on your home, and your kids all made honor roll. You are on your way home to take the family out to celebrate and you lose your focus for a split second. You just ran thru a stop sign and hit a car. It is your fault.

Well, that is why you have insurance, Right? Well yes, BUT, Auto Insurance has limits. The car you just hit was a 150,000 car, driving that car was a world class surgeon who is now injured and cannot perform his work. He had just picked up him son from soccer practice. His son experienced severe head trauma and will now have a life full of challenges and specialized care.

Yes, it was an accident, but you are still responsible. Thankfully, you had an Umbrella policy that stepped in!


A judgment could have resulted in attachments your:


o   Home

o   Paycheck

o   Savings Accounts

o   Stocks

o   Bonds

o   Mutual Funds

o   Car

o   Boat

o   Many more!


An Umbrella policy can provide:

 Up to $5 million additional financial protection for your family over your primary limits includes:


o   Bodily Injury

o   Property Damage

o   Libel

o   Slander

o   Wrongful Eviction

o   Defamation of Character


Minimum Primary Limits may be Required:



o   Auto Liability - 

            $250,000/500,000 - Bodily Injury
            $100,000 Property Damage

o   Personal Liability -


o   Farm Liability -


o   Watercraft Liability -


o   Rental Owners Liability -


* Requirements may vary by state.

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